David Walker

Attorney At Law


Specializing in:

Trial Lawyer & Mediation



“Dave is a great resource in several areas of law, especially in the personal injury field.  I often turn to him, seeking his opinion and advice on my own cases and current case law.”

Carlo M. Garcia, Attorney at Law

David Walker is known throughout the Valley as a top Mediation Attorney.  Widely utilized in personal injury settlements, he is the attorney’s “go to” mediator (read education & background).  David’s career has been dedicated to the art of mediation, he has successfully mediated hundreds of cases in the course of representing clients as their attorney and for other attorneys.

The difference between mediation and litigation are subtle, but in that subtleness comes the ability to identify and work with different negotiating styles and facilitate problem solving regardless of whether the case involves contractual, tort, personal injury, employment, partnership, or securities issues.

David is adept at adversarial settings involving attorney advocates, confidentiality and con cerns about discovery. He is well known and respected throughout the legal arena.
David’s goal in every instance when a client has been injured through another individual or entity is to obtain a verdict or  settlement that adequately compensates the client. He strategizes and plans for taking the case to trial with the goal of achieving maximum compensation which partially explains his success as a mediator. Preparation, investigation and communication are other critical ingredients in personal injury cases.  David’s relationships, resources and experience are key to a satisfactory outcome.