David Walker

Attorney At Law


Specializing in:

Trial Lawyer & Mediation


Praise for David Walker

“David Walker is a quality attorney with a great reputation.  I’ve known Dave for my entire legal career.  Dave is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law and has an amazing recall of specific cases and resources.  In addition to being a great attorney he is an exceptional mediator.  Mediation is always a tough part of legal work and Dave is excellent.  His good reputation for mediation is known throughout the legal community, which is helpful when we collaborate.  I refer Dave regularly, he is always in my top 2 or 3 when I am asked for a reference for local mediators.

Dave is the one that coined the phrase, “If you don’t have my cell phone, you certainly should.”  With Dave it’s not just a phrase though, he means it.  He’s always available.”

Dean Petrulakis, Attorney
Dean Petrulakis Law, Modesto, CA

“I’ve known Dave since 1984, but I didn’t need his services until about the year 2000. Since then, I’ve utilized Dave for everything from estate planning and benefits to investments and personal liability issues.  Dave is a man of character who truly knows the law.  He’s very thoughtful.  He takes time to listen to what I have to say and then responds with pertinent questions and ideas, allowing me make the best decision based on the circumstances.

I also really respect Dave for his connections within the legal community.  When I’ve had something that he feels would be better served by a colleague, he not only refers me, but paves the way so that it’s an easy, comfortable contact for me to make.  Through the years, he has always been more than willing to help me.”

Mike Oakes, Modesto, CA

“At various times throughout David Walker’s career, I have relied on him for legal advice and actions on many subjects which included: real estate, employme nt issues, wills, and family matters. I have found Mr. Walker to be professional, personable and knowledgeable. Dave is an effective listener with an intuitive understanding of the needs at hand to get to the heart of the matter. Furthermore, Mr. Walker is approachable and compassionate while maintaining a professional style to effectively and successfully execute our legal needs.  I refer Mr. Walker regularly, and those I have referred have routinely been very pleased with his services.”

Thom Burt

“I first became acquainted with Dave Walker at around twelve years of age, while we were both in attendance at Roosevelt Junior High School. At an early age, Dave exhibited an unusual ability as an athlete and as a student. Dave graduated from Davis High School and attended college at Stanford University. He earned an Athletic Scholarship and was a standout defensive end on the football team.

After graduating from Stanford, Dave attended California Western School of Law where he graduated with honors in 1978. Currently, Dave is with one of the Central Valley’s premier law firms, Damrell Nelson Schrimp Pallios Pacher and Silva. Dave is an experienced litigator and trial attorney. He’s at the top of his game and has established himself as a first class mediator. Dave is patient, calm, and a consummate listener. He thinks before he speaks. He exhibits tremendous respect and rapport with attorneys, claimants, and all involved in the litigation process. He has established a reputation of trust and great competency.

Dave is a great resource in several areas of law, especially in the personal injury field. I often turn to him seeking his opinion and advice on my own cases and current case law.

In the final analysis you will find in Dave Walker and extremely knowledgeable and balanced legal professional. He is a proficient litigator and highly successful mediator.

Carlo M. Garcia, Modesto, CA
Attorney at Law